Friday, November 21, 2008

This is for his own good

So I say to him, the amount of time you sit here and justify your actions, or lack thereof, you could be sitting at the table knocking out this packet of homework on Islam. The energy you use to suck whatever is left of my sanity, could be used to get straigt A's, find a cure for cancer, and create world peace. Dont you see what a brilliant mind you have? You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. (except play on the computer, watch t.v, play on the x-box, go outside, or talk on the phone) NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AT THE TABLE AND DO IT. DO ALL OF IT!!!! I AM NOT PLAYING ANYMORE!!!!!
Everynight, doesnt he get tired of it? Doesnt he just want to see me smile? He negotiates like no one I have ever met. It hurts my head. I hate arguing with him. And if my blood pressure soars beyond its normal limits and I have a stroke and die, I hope someday he will look back and realize, I did it all for his own good, because I know he has the potential to do monumental things with his brain, because I believe in his abilities and know him better than anyone, and will not accept anything less from him. I love him more than words can ever convey.

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amyf said...

Oh my love, you need to pick your battles. Help him, make it fun, try something different, do anything but fight. Stop... breathe...what would Sam have done?? What does Sam tell you to do?? Homework isn’t worth fighting over. Please call me if you need help. I will be glad to "one up" you.