Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I dislike Thanksgiving

Because, I'd just rather retreat to my room and ignore my relatives. A characteristic I inherited from my father, and now realize I passed onto my youngest son Steve-o. Just when I came to terms with my lonerness (is that even a word) I feel like I have a responsibility to pass on a family tradition to my sons. But thats just it, I dont come from a traditional family. I am close to very few people in my family, and because of that, I see them pretty much on a daily basis. So why on this day, do we have to have extended family over and sit down and eat together? Why do I have to pretend to be into it? Steve-o asked me a great question today in the car, "can I just stay in my room and watch t.v until everyone leaves" To that I responded NO. But then thought, why not? I can relate to him on so many levels. He is my mini-me, my male counterpart, quirks and all... My genetics have passed on more than just chipmunk cheeks and curly hair. Now that I see this, maybe I should just go with it, instead of against it, bring out and enhance his inner emo. So tomorrow, if I feel like curling up in a ball under the covers reading my Ingrid Betancourt book then I will, and if Steve-o wants to stay confined to his room until our guests leave, then I will support that. So I guess Im pretty much saying Fuck You to Thanksgiving tradition, and refuse to give in to the holiday chaos. Yay me!!!

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