Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ben the pharmacy tech with a personality.
Dr Gopez, me, Dr Carino, the sweetest dr's. Analisa, made me laugh non-stop. She made work fly by.

John The R.T that never smiles.

Delia (I will miss the most) me, Sexy Lilia, Mariel (the always helpful post partum nurse)

Tess, Delia, Edith, Me, Lissa, Mariel

Edith and Lissa (favorite night nurse)

I learned something from all these nurses. I will miss them. But today while I was saying my goodbyes to my co-workers, Tom was saying his goodbye to a very close family friend battling cancer. She is going home to be with her family, and there is no treatment that can be done at this point. I feel for Tom. I just want to hug him and hold onto him tight. As hard as it was to say goodbye tonight to my fellow nurses, its nothing compared to saying goodbye forever.


amy said...

I see big beautiful trees in your future.

steph said...

Me too.