Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heres the plan

Tomorrow is the last day at JFK hospital. I have to say, when Im not on panic mode, I feel pretty good. I have the freedom to stay up late, take naps, do homework with the boys, get in my car and drive... So I think im going to drive up North. I want to see Redwood trees. Maybe I'll even hug one. I also want my boys with me. I have no problem pulling them out of school for a few days, and lets be honest, neither will the boys. Who knows where we will end up, and when we will come back. These are the adventures that make life worth living. This is what I always envisioned life with children would be like anyway. So heres to new beginnings!!!! And a new hair do.


amy said...

I LOVE your hair short.

More pics!!!!!

steph said...


Eliz said...

I wanna see them too!!!! Lets go when I get there!!!