Saturday, February 28, 2009

I found my purpose in life

To assist the octomom. I sent her an email via Dr Phil who by the way is looking for pediatric nurses willing to volunteer there time, that live near Whittier. Okay, so its a 2 hour drive, but how cool would that be? I hope to hear back, because I am just the gal.
Today, Steveo and I went to a birthday party and after he went to grandmas house along with Nick. Now Im home all by my lonesome, just me and Toms dads dogs. Pearl is a beautiful great dane, who takes massive mountain size craps in the yard. Im thinking Pearl and I need to take a walk tonight around midnight to my annoying neighbors house. You know the one, the racist, bible thumper with the really nice green lawn. I will be so proud if I can get Pearl to take a huge dump on his lawn. I know, too much time on my hands. Tom needs to get back here.


Eliz said...

I think she needs to put some of them up for adoption

steph said...

Yeah, theres plenty to go around.