Friday, February 27, 2009

Unemployment is making me fat part 2

It really doesnt do much for your ego when you have no job. In a way, Im free, no obligation, no schedule to check, no bedtime, I am free to roam. However, I have not received a check from unemployment yet, and I need money like a crackwhore needs a fix. So no travel plans for me as of yet. So this is the latest. Tom took a week off to spend with us, only his dear friend passed away and he's gone to Arizona for the funeral. I miss him terribly. I am used to his presence and when he leaves, it just fucks with my head, plain and simple. I go through a mini bout of depression and then Im fine.

Someone (I have an idea of who) taped a letter to our door in the middle of the night complaining about our lawn, and how shitty our house looks since we moved in. I suspect this may be from the same neighbor that approached me by introducing himself and then going on a long diatribe about how the mexicans are taking over the neighborhood and how he cant stand it when people live in sin, then asked if Tom and I were married or not. Asshole, I know. So this really infuriated me. I even lost sleep over it. I really want to have a party. North Indio old school style. I want mexicans, banda music, lawn chairs in the front with a never ending supply of beer. I want to annoy the hell out of him. I want pink flamingos all over, and garden Knomes too. Maybe I can hang a few pinatas from the tree. And just to kick it up a notch, some lesbians making out, and rainbow flags, lots of them. Maybe thats what I'll do with my first check.


amy said...

OMG I'm soooo on planning this party. I'll pass out flyers at the swap meet and rent some bouncers for your front yard. FUN!!!!

steph said...

Yes, how could I forget the bouncers.