Saturday, March 28, 2009

Im not ready to die yet

But according to Sam and all my dreams, its going to happen sooner than later. To be honest, all these death dreams have been terrifying the heck out of me. I have so much more to do. I cant leave Nick to be an orphan. I love them and have so much more to teach them. Im almost afraid to go to sleep, and the last time I had one of these, Sam was hanging around me, as I lay on my death bed telling me to "let go" I kept telling him no, Im scare, Im not ready. Then we just start arguing, and I keep telling him to leave me alone. I also told him that its easy for him to tell me to let go as if its no big deal, because he's been there done that, still, Im not ready and he better quit haunting me in my dreams.
But if for some off chance I die soon...I hope Tom gets rid of any and all sex toys, nudie pictures, porno, etc. Because afterall, I lived a very "pure lifestyle."

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