Sunday, April 12, 2009

Im off again

Just Nick, Steve-o, and I, on the open road going North. North sounds good, I hope to see grey skies, maybe even encounter some rain. I hope they dont fight, I will have the Ipods charged, books, homework, anything to keep there minds occupied and off each other. I will take lots of photos along the way, and when we get to our destination. We will be right outside Berkeley, close to the B.A.R.T station and they can experience riding a subway for the first time. I cant wait. Nick has protested all day today, he wants to hang out with friends and not go on "a stupid trip". But being the evil mom I am, I will make him go. He WILL experience life, he WILL experience nature, he WILL enjoy the scenery, and he WILL love every minute of it. If not, I know at least Steveo and I will. And 2 out of 3 aint bad. I'll be back the end of the week, unless I really enjoy life among the hippies to much.


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So many beautiful things to photograph.