Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Im clumsy, and wish I had gotten a pedicure on Sunday

So I ate shit in the Target parking lot yesterday. And I mean, a big time, ankle twisting, knee skinning, faceplant.

It all started out so well. Steveo wanted a new ball, and since I kicked his last one over the fence I felt it was only fair to replace it. So we go to Target and he gets his new red ball. He's bouncing it up and down the aisles in Target. I say to him about every 30 seconds " Steveo stop bouncing the ball or Im putting it back." He wasnt listening. We pay and walk out to the parking lot in which the unfortunate incident occured. I asked him again several times (a little more annoyed than before) Stop bouncing the ball and get in the car. Again, he's ignoring me, because thats what my kids do. They tune me out and do there own thing. So he bounces it off the wall and it goes flying over our heads into the parking lot where of course a car is coming. I have grocery bags in my hands and see that my son is about to become road kill and my mommy instincts launch me towards him to pull him out of harms way. There was one slight problem, I hit the curb with such great force and twisted my ankle and my right foot hit the curb and felt like it shattered. Steveo turns and sees me and runs back towards me (with the ball) and the lady in the Mercedes drives on past us. (Doesnt even stop to see if Im okay) I yelled something along the lines of GET IN THE CAR NOW, only I think I may have used some words to express my anger, frustration and intense throbbing pain. I drop him off at Grandpa's house and I went home where thankfully Tom was still there. I show him the damage and he thinks its broken. I try to think of what I can do other than go to the emergency room since I have NO HEALTH INSURANCE. We opt for the urgent care. Long story a little shorter, after many piggyback rides on Toms back, xrays and ice, its not broken, only the blood vessels in the area broke. Its still swollen and I cannot bear any weight on it without feeling extreme pain, so for now, Im bedbound with my remote control, laptop, and my ugly deformed foot elevated on a pillow.

I really hope Steveo learned a lesson and in the future listens to me next time.

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