Thursday, September 17, 2009

Insomnia, I cant shut my brain down

So why is it, whenever you have to wake up early you cant fall asleep? I must get it from my dad. Ever since I can remember, he would always wake up and sleep at the oddest hours. I really dont know how he managed to be productive on a daily basis.
When I was in middle school I would take Actifed to make me drowsy. Then it was Benadryl, then Valium, and one time I got a script for Soma's.... Anyway, Im back onto benadryl again. Obviously, taking 4 at a time doesnt mesh well with my chemistry anymore. I cant say that I recommend using drugs (the hard stuff) but I do understand why people go to such extremes to fall asleep. (Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger) I hope I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Shit, at this point I may as well stay awake, why bother now. Fuck!!!!

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