Thursday, September 10, 2009

Word association, because its fun.

Nick- Brainiac

Steveo- Unconditional love (yeah 2 words, I know)

Tom- Soul-mate

Mom- Love

Dad- Strong

Christina C- Vulnerable

Christina K- Comedic

Elizabeth- Wise

Amy F- Mother of the Century ( Yep, 4 words)

Amy H- True

Julie- Life lifter

Grandma- Home

Sara- Lost

Aras- Old soul

Sean- Persistant

Analisa- Entertaining 24-7

Mindy- Intelligent

Thats all I have, I guess its always everchanging.


amy said...

Aww...I get 4 words?

This is beautiful.

Steph said...

You do, I think you are such a good mom, you have well adjusted happy well mannered kidlets. You and Mark are doing an amazing job raising your children.