Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Day of the dead

Last night I was coming home from my moms and decided to go for a drive. I always end up around the Coachella Cemetery. I love that cemetery. If a Cemetery could ever feel like home, than that one is my second home. It is so old, the trees are huge, and I always feel a sense of peace and calm when Im there. Last night the traffic near the cemetery was backed up. I cant believe I forgot that it was Day of the Dead. I was in my pajamas and wearing slippers but that wasnt going to stop me from checking it out. I had to park pretty far, but it was so worth it. Had I remembered, I would have brought some candles and fruit (to offer my favorite dead people)
Since I didnt come prepared, I just walked around and took pictures of all the graves lit up by candles. There was such a festive vibe, I could have stayed for hours. Instead, I went to my grandpas grave and sat staring at the full moon. I feel bad that all I had to offer was a stick of gum and a half empty bottle of water. Oh Well, next year I will be more prepared.


amy said...

Gum and water are better than fruit any old day.

Steph said...

I would prefer that over an apple anyday.