Friday, November 20, 2009

Karma points

Today I begin my volunteering at The Coachella Valley Animal Rescue Center. Last week when I went online to check out all the animal shelters in the desert, I saw that The Orphan Pet Oasis has a whole page dedicated to there volunteers. The page shows a bunch of happy people walking the dogs, smiling, holding the little ones. It was like a beautiful harmonious world where animals and humans unite. A world with no discrimination, no violence, like heaven on earth. So I got the idea to volunteer at the Coachella Center and when I spoke with the owner, she asked me if I was available to start tomorrow (today) and without thinking I said yes. She looked surprised and really excited and told me she hasnt had a break in a long time and had some errands to run. She said she is all alone on Fridays until 12:00 and could really use me. I asked her about the other volunteers ( you know, like at the Orphan pet oasis) she said I will be the only one. So, I get the feeling she wants me to stay there all day, every Friday. To be honest, I really dont want to commit to that. I love animals, but playing with them every other Friday for an hour or two seems mighty generous, but anything more than that???? Since last night, I have been repeating this little Mantra: I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO AGREE TO DO MORE THAN 2 FRIDAYS A MONTH, I AM STRONG, I WILL NOT BE STEAMROLLED. She seems a little aggressive and I have a tendency to not always stand up for myself (my therapist says I need to exercise healthy boundries, but I didnt stay in therapy long enough to learn how) So today will be interesting, I am off to my little k-9 utopia to bond with the animals.


amy said...

Wow Steph...way to take one for the team.

Are you forgetting one small detail? You're way, totally, f'n allergic to most animals.

Steph said...

Oh yeah, I lasted an hour and a half. I left with my right eye swollen shut, wheezing, smelling like dog crap:) Hey I tried.