Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have a year to live

So this is my new years resolution. I'm reading " A year to live" by Stephen Levine" I have only read his sons books (Noah Levine "Dharma Punx") and I'm really excited to dedicate a year to live as if it were my last. Its very easy to get caught up in so many things that don't really matter, I know I spend to much time and energy on holding grudges, not spending enough time with loved ones, not playing with my sons... Not living!!!! The most important role in my life is being a mother and letting my sons know how much I truly love them. I hope to spend more time living as much as possible and not sweating the small stuff. Now that I'm not working, this is the perfect time to start this project.
Step one: Preparing to die. Yay, Ive never been so excited to die in my life.
Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!


amy said...

Happy New Year to you too! Now how's the death plan going?

Steph said...

Great, 364 days left!!!!!