Saturday, December 19, 2009

sensory overload




egos clashing

graffiti restrooms

liquor flowing

numbing thoughts

people dancing

others stomping

ears ringing

heart pounding

flashes fired

friends reunite

mind drifting

far away

years from past

replay out loud

motion surrounding

eyes heavy

anticipating later

while patience fades

spinning further

into him.


amy said...

I must not be the only one listening to Nine Inch Nails instead of Christmas songs this weekend.

Steph said...

Yeah, we went out to see Christinas hubby's band play, only we didnt last past 1130, we were to tired (and old)

amy said...

That's nothin...we hung out at the beer hunter and made it home by 10:30. We're old too!!!

Steph said...

Lets look at the bright side, Tom is older than all of us:)