Friday, January 22, 2010

Cabin Fever Ramblings

Every time I look out the window, its still pouring. Everything is flooded. I kept the kids home from school. I'm cold, bored. I bought "Shaun Of The Dead" to watch with them. Like family movie night, or day. They had no interest. Nick was on the computer, Steveo wanted to draw. I'm always up for drawing with Steveo. I try to challenge his creativity by giving him subjects to focus on and see what he comes up with. Today he made a "Pasademon Flower" that has rose milk inside. They are originally from Russia he tells me. He then comes up with staircases and robots and labels it "Casa De Loco" I'm totally feelin it to Steveo. Isn't it funny how its only been raining just a few days and we feel so out of whack, and have the hardest time doing normal everyday things, driving is a huge task that requires patience and concentration? I wonder what the snowbirds must think of us desert rats that panic when it rains more than one day.
So I sat by the window with Charlie, staring at the rain and thinking about how different my boys are. I'm proud of both of them. I have so much love for them. They make me feel strong. They have no idea what they bring me. I want them to always be close, to always do whatever makes them happy. They are so smart. Nick is so good with computers, math, science, loves music. He has a natural talent when it comes to photography, just like his father. Sam would be proud. There are so many opportunities he will have because of his intelligence. I know he will go far in life. Steveo has shown a love for writing, painting, reading, art. His head is filled with so many ideas. I will always encourage him to continue to nurture that part of himself. I know he will always find solace and have a positive outlet with his art projects. I want him explore every avenue of creativity, and grow from it.
Sometimes I wish I could just fast forward life and see what they become. I know that no matter what, there happiness is paramount and as long as they are happy, I am happy.

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amy said...

Beautiful pictures but never wish to fast forward. Haven't you seen that movie Click?