Monday, January 11, 2010

New Friend

Steveo made two new friends this weekend. I don't let him play out in the front unless I'm out there to watch him. So I took my book and and sat outside to watch him play with his new friend David and his little sister. While Steveo and the little boy were riding his green machine, me and Hailey (the little sis) decided we needed to decorate the drive way with chalk. Girls are so mellow and easy going compared to little boys. We sat and colored flowers and hearts for a least a half hour. Its so much better to view the world through a child's eyes. It was very zen.


amy said...

Our children grow up way too fast.

Glad you spent some time with chalk...we love that stuff. Have you ever tried getting it wet? It turns into a paint.

Steph said...

No I'll have to try that. Ive baked crayons before and made scribble cookies.