Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making myself happy, one hour at a time

1.) Woke up and found graffiti on the wall of our backyard. (stupid thugs)

2.) Went to Ikea bought a very comfy chair.

3.) Went to World Market bought lanterns to hang over chair, I now have cozy sitting area.

4.) Tom and I got pedicures, (he is cool like that)

5.) Took a bath with Lavender crystals.

6.) Nick gave me a hug, and it wasn't me that initiated it this time. He is also 2 inches taller than me now.

7.) I finally hung Steveo's planets that his Auntie Mindy gave him 2 Xmas's ago, and re-did his room with a new queen size bed, prayer flags to be hung tomorrow.

8.) Got a new tempurpedic bed with a new comforter that envelopes me like a fluffy marsh mellow, oh and new Moroccan style mirror to go over it. I sleep well these days.

I know I have a dark cloud looming over me, screwing up my moods, but I am picking myself up and literally taking it one hour at a time, and for now everything is golden.


amy said...

What color did Tom get on his toes?

Steph said...

glitter pink.

amy said...

Hmmm he seems more like a purple kinda guy to me.