Friday, March 05, 2010

My wonderful neighborhood, what would Buddha do?

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So Toms truck got broken into. They took his XM Satellite Radio, and left the screw driver they used to smash the window on the passenger side seat. They also left the chess set we had in the back seat. We never know when we will get the urge to pull over and whip out the chess board, because we are geeks and thats how we roll.

On another disappointing note, the rude neighbor that tapes nasty anonymous letters on peoples doors, is at it again. On every mailbox in the neighborhood was another mean spirited note.



amy said...

I'm so sorry about Tom's window, that just sucks bigtime. Let's get together and write a letter full of sarcasm the way we know best and play the game with letter writing neighbor.

Steph said...

I told Tom I wanted to write a letter and send it out via email. We have the email address of everyone in the neighborhood through the neighborhood watch. I just cant get over how rude this person is.

amy said...

I love that idea...let's start writing.

Fusion said...

That sucks big time.