Friday, March 05, 2010


Sitting in my car along with Tom, waiting to meet my sister. We spent an hour on a cozy couch sharing insights, speaking from the heart, allowing ourselves to view our relationship from each others perspectives.
How is it, you can be raised in the same home, have the same blood lines, same parents, same experiences and yet come out so different as adults? We are opposites. I accept that. She accepts that. In the end, she knows me well, I know her well, and we will always have a connection that cannot ever be broken. I love her, she loves me and together we are moving forward to bring that connection back. Monday we are having a sister date. I want to take her to a Buddhist temple, she wants to take me to yoga, we may hang out at her pool and just talk, whatever it is we opt for, we are taking gentle steps closer to one another, and recognizing how fragile our souls are.

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amy said...

Some things are worth the wait.