Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Im an organizing fool

Yeah, what a mess. Gross.

So much better. AWWWWW. There is so much room and I even color coordinated all Toms shirts, (can
you say to much time on your hands)Anyway, I have a whole stack of canvas's and paintings from when I was with Sean. Funny you can see one of an angel with her wings on fire, and one of a New Orleans grave yard. And then there are the ones with Tom, happy flowers, hearts, cheerful colors.... Obviously a totally different mind set. Anyway, I put them up in the closet because they dont really go with the house. I also found a drawing Sam did of me right before he died. I wish he could have finished it first. Sheesh. Anyway, Im done tackling messy closets for a few years.


amy said...

Your closet skills rock but then again how hard is it to organize by color when all there is is white? lol

the picture...almost means more many things about the two of you were left unfinished

Steph said...

Some of them were off white:)