Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shifting Perspectives

I'm not good with goodbyes. When its time for that last hug before saying goodbye, its nothing less than pure awkwardness, not quite knowing what to say and holding any sign of emotion in. Today Toms dad Bob is leaving for Afghanistan. He will be gone for a year. He hopes to be able to come back on break in November for our wedding. He is family now. I saw Toms fear, could feel his uneasiness, and wanted to be strong for him. We all went out to lunch, and on the way listening to the radio was a news story about 2 Marines missing in Kabul. We all remained silent. Kabul is where Bob will be for a year.

Before Tom and I got together, I misjudged Bob as being militant and close minded. Thats how he seemed when I first met him when I was 14. Even though we are on opposite sides of the spectrum when certain topics come up, I still have nothing but respect for him. He is truthful, brave, and kind.
He will be picked up by a shuttle and taken to the airport at 3am this morning. So tonight he is in my thoughts and prayers.

The boys and I will be staying at his house a lot until school starts. In that time, Tom and I will be doing what we can to fix up his house. Its a beautiful home right by the beach. I want Bob to come back to a cozy home that he can relax in. He worked so hard all his life, and he deserves to come home to some peace and quiet.

So now I have a new project, and Im looking forward to doing whatever I can to be there for Tom as well.


amy said...

Is there room for me/us? I'm so sick of the heat and swimming is getting, well, swimming is starting to really suck. I just want to move to the beach.

Eliz said...

That is really sweet. It always feels good to pour your heart into something good for someone else. I hope he is ok and in a year you will all be having dinner together.