Sunday, August 15, 2010

Painting with light

I had fun with my camera and pink Xmas lights. The picture with Tom shows Chance lying next to him, but you have to look closely at the photo on the bottom left. He has a transparent ghostly appearance.


amy said...

Amazing what a good camera can do. Or is it a good photographer? Congratulations on the move to professional photographer.

Steph said...

Thanks, I'm taking suggestions on a name. Steph Photography is so unoriginal.

amy said...

Photostephanie? S shots? Thru My Eyes?

Yeah, names are never easy.

Eliz said...

liv your truth photography
see your truth
see thru you photography
happy lady photography
cloudy skies photography
I hate frogs photography...

or u can steal mine
Blue elephant photography

or how about rainbow dolphin, that sounds good huh?

rainbow bright...?

ok I'll stop

:) xo

Steph said...

okay "5thfloorphotography" Only those really close to me will get it. I know u get it Amy, but Eliz I will have to tell u if u dont know what it means.