Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I'm not a political person, nor am I religious. My opinion on organized religion is that it can be dangerous, and people tend to not think for themselves and blindly accept the bullshit that is fed to them. But I do however try to keep my mouth shut and not put down people for belonging to a church group. I know just as there is a down side there can be a positive as well. I know people with pain far beyond my comprehension have benefited from going to church and feeling love,strength and support from there fellow members, and that is a beautiful thing. My biggest problem is that everyone interprets the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, just to name a few, in there own self-serving ways. If you are a Christian and believe in a loving God, a tolerant God, a God that loves everyone UNCONDITIONALLY, then how do you justify not being acceptant of others who  may not believe as you do. It seems so simple. So for Catholics you will go to Heaven  as long as you aren't gay, never been divorced, went to confession regularly, had last rites read to you etc. Well that excludes a lot of people then. I'm just using Catholicism as an example here, but it seems to me that all religions have some set of rules that must be followed or you are going straight to hell. Doesn't sound like a loving accepting god to me. But we here in America have this amazing freedom to not be persecuted for ones beliefs, we have freedom of speech, and that should never be taken for granted. With that said, up until now, I have NEVER once advocated censory of any type, but when I read about Pastor Terry Jones plan to have a public burning of the Koran on September 11th at his backwoods hillbilly town in Florida. (Okay so I guess that wasn't very nice)  He and his followers have the right to there beliefs, and I understand the anger many people have with Islam and the Koran, I really do. But don't people get that the majority of Muslims are not out strapping explosives to themselves and riding on a bus to blow up some random market place? I have not read the Koran, so I am no expert on Islam or Christianity or any religion for that matter, but I have learned a lot about there belief system and nowhere in the Koran does it say suicide bombings are a great way to please Allah. Just like the Book Of Mormon doesn't state that men should have many wives most under the age of 18, but people STILL today link Mormons or Latter Day Saints (to be politically correct)to the few groups that are still out there doing this. So I'm getting off my subject here. What I want to say is if you are a Pastor, a man of God, be accepting and tolerant of other peoples beliefs. Educate yourself on Islam, because the anger you feel is targeting the wrong people, and in the process, is putting thousands of lives at risk in Islamic countries. I usually just laugh when different religions put each other down, its all in the interpretation. So this time, I'm not laughing. This time I have a loved one in Afghanistan. By moving forward with this ridiculous demonstration, you and your followers are creating more instability and hatred for the American people. You are basically telling these Muslim extremist what they think they already know, and that is dangerous. Nothing positive will come out of this. There will be more retaliation lashed out against us. We should be trying to move forward since September 11th, this is so counterproductive and dangerous on so many levels and he and his followers are so closed minded they don't even see it. What an embarrassment to the rest of us Americans that just want peace.

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