Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding stress

So much for keeping it simple. I remember telling Tom the wedding is about our families merging and we should try to not get carried away with it. I let the stress build this week. Ive been obsessing about every detail, trying to control everything and make it perfect. This whole wedding has consumed to many of my thoughts and I'm about done with it all. Today I realized I have morphed into the one thing I hoped to avoid. I have become a moody bridezilla, and took my stress out on the one person who is on my side, the one who always has my back, my bff, Tom. I was wrong, and now I'm feeling the effects of my guilty conscience. So I emailed this pic to him knowing he cant possibly be upset while looking at Chance. So maybe my communication skills need some improving, but at least this was an eye opener and taught me to stay in the present.

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