Monday, November 29, 2010

The evolution of Steph

Last post on getting married, I swear. So maybe I should have waited until I was in my thirties to get married (originally) Well, let me clarify. I married Sam (god rest his soul) when I was 22, and it really was til death do us part. But I'll be honest, I was not very mature back then, and I didn't really have any coping skills to get through life. Up until the last few years I had this unrealistic idea of what getting married was about. I always figured that all the negative things will somehow change for the better when you get married and if not you leave. Stupid. I know.Thankfully now I have a more realistic grasp on "marriage"  It really is a piece of paper and a name change, and usually bumps you up into a higher tax bracket, which usually doesn't come out in your favor but I wont go into that. The commitment comes long before the ring. The decision to coexist side by side along and not against each other when life gets rough says more to me than any piece of paper. The idea that he loves and respects me and my children and shows it on a daily basis is enough to sustain me and make me want to be a better person for him. He is enough to full fill me in anyway imaginable, and that speaks volumes. So yes, the ring is shiny and nice, and getting dolled up in a white dress was exciting to, but my definition of marriage is so completely different now than it was years ago. I feel in my heart and soul that we have already been married for years and I guess that's a good sign.

I have no regrets from the past because EVERYONE has left an imprint on me in some way or another which led me to where I am now. Long story short. Marriage = The evolution of Steph.


amy said...

I love this! Love who you were then, love who you are now and will love you when you're an old grumpy crazy cat lady.

Steph said...

Im really wanting some goats ever since we went to the goat farm in Maui. I would love to open an old folks farm. Where we can have crazy old people and tons of animals that need a home. Its a win/win situation if you ask me.

amy said...

I'll live there but only if you have alcohol too... crazy + old + animals + alcohol = awesome!