Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hours and hours and hours

That's how long I could sit and talk to my friend Jeff. It's been 15 years but finally we got to sit and chat, fill in the empty spaces, and still leave each other as if no time has ever past us by. He's one of those rare finds where you can swap insights, learn, and feel completely at ease. The kind of friendship that lasts and lasts. We lost touch after high school and then I spent the last few years searching for him. He was a very hard person to find. He, like me, believes that your thoughts are like energy that you send out and if you think hard enough about it you bring it to fruition. That's exactly what happened with him. All of a sudden he finally appeared.  He is happy, he is in love, he is focused on the future and doing well. I had a blast chatting with him, seeing his dreadlocks that he has been growing for 15 years (down to his ankles) and hope we can connect more often. Definitely not wait another 15 years.

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Hope you keep in touch often.