Monday, December 13, 2010

Barbie and Ken

Being the thrifty bitch that I am, I purchased a Barbie book written in 1964. It was worth the 2 bucks. Heres a little snippet.

"Barbie didn't know whether to be glad or sorry when Ken was offered an exciting job that would take him to a distant city. Ken couldn't make up his mind, either...until another girl tried to do it for him!"
Oh shit. Some whore is moving in on Barbie's man. That's okay Ken was most likely using Barbie as his "beard" anyway. And she doesn't seem to bright, so she probably wouldn't have a clue about this other "girl" if were happening right in front of her.
I cant believe my mom bought me Barbies. What kind of message does that send to a half Mexican brown haired brown eyed girl with curly hair? I did learn how to cut hair on my Barbies though, most of them had a stylish mullet or butch haircut, so I guess they weren't a complete waste of my moms money.


amy said...

My mom always bought me the fake know, the one with only hair around the main hair line and not a full head of hair and hallow legs that caved in when you played with them too hard. I think they make hispanic Barbies don't htey?? Maybe you needed one of those?

Steph said...

I guess Im lucky I got the real thing, but back then the closest thing they had was "Mika" a Hawaiin Barbie. Now we have Dora the explora, I could have used her back then to show me that brown hair and brown eyes are cute as well.

bella carrina said...

wow, that's already a collector's item.

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