Friday, December 10, 2010

Creative ADHD, Eco-friendly Xmas, and trying to be kind

This year, I will make a statement to the few people I will give gifts to, by using recycled materials only.
I found cool vintage postcards at a thrift store, made a frame with markers and then framed the frame with the picture. Make sense? Hard to explain see the picture.
I want to learn to sew. I will be a sewing fool when I do learn, and everyone can look forward to receiving something hand made for birthday gifts.
I have been fighting off a sore throat with Yerba Mate tea with milk and honey, so yummy, but the sore throat is still here.
I have had this little santa since I was a little girl, it was my moms when she was little too. Steveo says he's creepy with a sinister grin. Silly boy.
I am trying to be nice when snowbirds drive to slow, patient when Steveo talks a mile a minute, and truthful with my feelings while communicating with someone that hurt my feelings by not showing up to my wedding because she had to "work" only to see her facebook post about how she went to the movies and had a blast, and keeps calling because she wants me to attend HER wedding to photograph it. Childish, I know. I just have a habit of not speaking up and letting people walk all over me, not to say that's what this person is doing, I just think she has a tendency to be selfish at times, and with school, xmas, recovering from my wedding/honeymoon/thanksgiving/still havent taken the lanterns down from the wedding reception, and my entire family having birthdays this month, my time is valuable and I wish to spend it with those that deserve it.
Okay, that's all I have time for at the moment, I'm looking forward to the new year with new goals and surrounding myself with loved ones.


Lorraine said...

I find your blog interesting but I find that music distracting to my ADD mind.

Steph said...

I usually have something more mellow:)

amy said...

Santa looks kinda scary. Let's get together for Christmas??? Wine and games or gifts.

Eliz said...

LOVE YOU!! and love the santa, and the frames too. So pretty.

Steph said...

Amy this week Im done with school, so lets hang out.
Eliz, love u to, stay warm.