Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When it rains it pours

In a nutshell, I got a new close up camera lens from Tom and I love it!!!!! My car window wont go up which sucks when its pouring rain, also the heater wont turn off.  I took a class and its over and the kids are out of school for the next 2 weeks leaving us plenty of time to relax a little. I baked low-fat gluten free, organic, fair trade cookies for Steveos 9th birthday and I was told they were actually yummy. Now that I have more time, I can finally read my new book on Anthrax vaccines being tested on the military, maybe perhaps Tom might want to read it when Im finished. I cant wait for Nick and Steveo to open there xmas presents, I almost want them to open them early, but I will wait.

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