Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Love

Photo by Steph

I am in need of a book that doesn't make me cry. I love to read and lately Ive been into hardcore depressing stories such as my anthrax novel titled "Vaccine A". Basically, it makes me not trust the CDC, US government, FDA, and all the other acronyms I cant remember at this moment. I hate being told I HAVE TO do something. If I was in the military, I would be forced to receive an anthrax vaccine or else be court marshaled. Well this book talks about vaccines, specifically the Anthrax vaccine, and what happens when you mix it with oil. (most vaccines are mixed with an oil a.k.a an adjuvant) so now we have a whole lot of once healthy men coming home with auto immune diseases. Scary. Now I'm reading a book called, "Boy alone" its written by a man who has an autistic brother and how it effects the whole family. I am almost done with it now, but I am definitely ready for some uplifting books. Maybe I will read "The Darwin Awards" that I bought Nick for Christmas, its about stupid people doing stupid things and dying in the process thus removing themselves from the gene pool hence the name Darwin award.


amy said...

I finally unpacked my boxes of books Sunday, found I'm can have it back. Funny though because I realized most of my books consist of true crime and sad love stories. Let's go book shopping?

Carolyn said...

have you thought about reading Paranormal Romance books? I suggest something like Christine Feehan Dark Series :)

Steph said...

I would love to go book shopping Amy.

And I will look up Christine Feehan's dark series. I love Poppy Z Brite, she is pretty dark and made me obscessed with New Orleans.