Thursday, January 27, 2011

exploring the city at night perfect cure for insomnia

Its like Im having a creative midlife crisis. I am exploring all mediums from water colors, charcoal, transfers onto any surface that comes to mind, to sewing. My room is a mess, there is paint everywhere, my clothes and hands are paint stained and there are  paint brushes everywhere and fabric on the floor of every room. I start one thing then move to another room and start a new thing then get tired, read, pick up the boys, help with homework, tear out images from magazines, leave it and go to a different room,  and its just become one big giant artfest here. I read that when you start using your left side of the brain you become calm. I noticed this a few years back when I was coloring mandalas with Steveo, it was hypnotic, meditative. So now my head is flooded with ideas and its hard to sleep. And its not only that, but I hate clutter and messiness. I guess tomorrow I should try to organize my home. (and my life)

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amy said...

I've never thought of leaving the house when I can't sleep. I just turn on animal planet and get lost in that Infested show...uggg it's gross.