Saturday, January 08, 2011

Karma points, and painting

I'm trying to do a good deed a day. I took Steveo to the dollar store and we stocked up on pet supplies. We headed down to the Orphan pet oasis in Palm Springs and donated it all. It was cool to bring Steveo along to hopefully, follow my lead. I am such an animal lover and it breaks my heart when I see an animal without a home. I just want to take them all home with me.

Love my animal


poor baby

I spent all last week painting, taking pictures, painting some more and reading up on humanitarian work abroad. This new year, I plan to pursue all my creative endeavors, do a good deed each day, tell my boys how much I love them, learn to sew, and travel to a place where I could make a difference.


amy said...

So cool...and when do I get an original painting? I'd love to hang it in our office.

Steph said...

Anytime, this one in particular is a little depressing if you look closely, its paperwork from the
5th floor. But I can make happy stuff too.

ML said...

so inspired by the (totally simple) act of kindness you and your son did. awesome.