Friday, February 18, 2011


goodbye days of sewing pillows

and my idea of making condom kitties

Or leaving for spur of the moment travels

 goodbye all day paint sessions

goodbye tail-less sock monkey that I made with Toms socks.

The unemployment train has come to a screeching halt. It was fun while it lasted. I had some good times and some bad, but overall, I loved not working. I dont feel like I was ever meant to work. Sadly, I start my new job next week. I guess this is goodbye to the creative, fun, anything goes kind of lifestyle I have lived for the past couple of years. It sucks being a grown up, but I am grateful to have been a stay at home mom/starving artist/traveler/who got to take naps and read, and stay up all night, and just live life like a kid again. Back to work I go.


Borah said...

Love the condom kitties!

Steph said...

thanks, I thought it was a cute idea, glad someone else thought so to:)

Eliz said...

Where??? Im sorry. I always envied your carefree, artist life. Boohoo, work sucks.

Steph said...

Im doing home health now, 3 days a week 6hrs a day, not bad. I really cant complain, Im just used to not having any commitments other than dropping and picking up the boys.