Friday, December 09, 2011

When I wake up I get my mochafrappacino and park at Dana Point Harbor and watch the sun come up. Its such a peaceful way to start the day.

I cant complain about working. My patient, for the most part, is always smiling. I go to school with him for a few hours. There is always an abundance of food and the other teachers make it feel like home. Its becoming more family like to me.

This is Lolli my new bff. Sometimes she is in the class and this week she has finally accepted me.

She is pure happiness, I love her.

She reminds me of Nigel and Chance. How can you not smile when you see her?

This is what I see on my drive home from work. The leaves are changing I am
witnessing Fall for the first time. Not to bash the desert, but... I just cant get over the
beautiful scenery I encounter on a daily basis here.

The name of this street is Christina. I always think of Christina Kossa when I
drive by it.

This is a farm house near my patients home. People ride horses up and down this street. I told Steveo and Tom about it, and want to bring our bikes out here for our next ride. Nick needs to come out here with us. I would love for him to see how nice it is here.

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Poppy Lee Jones said...

these photos are stunning, especially the first one! xx