Monday, January 09, 2012

Photos of random objects in the yard.

The weather is so perfect. I put the bird houses Steveo and I painted to dry in the back yard. I thought the lighting and random objects would make interesting photos. I had 2 hours before Steveo would be home from school. I put on my head phones and grabbed my camera and took advantage of my alone time. The dogs tagged along and followed my every move.
Most of my paint is at the desert house, so Steveo and I used what we had.
He went for a Spanish style. He is learning about Spanish architecture and California history in school.



Eliz said...

I love your pictures so so much. Simple and beautiful. I don't know how you make random things look so amazing and the compostition is perfection...

1lilviolet said...

love your photo's
such a great blog !

Bushman Diaries said...

Nice picture. I can imagine those guys from American Pickers would love to jump in there and start picking those parts.