Thursday, November 27, 2008

Note to the kidlets

In a perfect world, you will grow up, have a great career, marry a beautiful wife, and have beautiful children playing in your beautiful house surrounded by a white pickett fence. Celebrating the joys of life together as a family... If for some reason, that is not how your life turns out, thats okay, you are not alone. Just do me one favor. Please. Call your children on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays and other holidays and special occasions, because they should not be the ones calling you, afterall, you are THERE FATHER.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I dislike Thanksgiving

Because, I'd just rather retreat to my room and ignore my relatives. A characteristic I inherited from my father, and now realize I passed onto my youngest son Steve-o. Just when I came to terms with my lonerness (is that even a word) I feel like I have a responsibility to pass on a family tradition to my sons. But thats just it, I dont come from a traditional family. I am close to very few people in my family, and because of that, I see them pretty much on a daily basis. So why on this day, do we have to have extended family over and sit down and eat together? Why do I have to pretend to be into it? Steve-o asked me a great question today in the car, "can I just stay in my room and watch t.v until everyone leaves" To that I responded NO. But then thought, why not? I can relate to him on so many levels. He is my mini-me, my male counterpart, quirks and all... My genetics have passed on more than just chipmunk cheeks and curly hair. Now that I see this, maybe I should just go with it, instead of against it, bring out and enhance his inner emo. So tomorrow, if I feel like curling up in a ball under the covers reading my Ingrid Betancourt book then I will, and if Steve-o wants to stay confined to his room until our guests leave, then I will support that. So I guess Im pretty much saying Fuck You to Thanksgiving tradition, and refuse to give in to the holiday chaos. Yay me!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why Joshua Tree makes me happy

Because, You can climb, jump, explore, all in 65 degree weather. My boys were like spiders, Nick was the cautious one, Steve-o leaped from boulder to boulder with no fear. Me and Tom just sat and watched and took our time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is for his own good

So I say to him, the amount of time you sit here and justify your actions, or lack thereof, you could be sitting at the table knocking out this packet of homework on Islam. The energy you use to suck whatever is left of my sanity, could be used to get straigt A's, find a cure for cancer, and create world peace. Dont you see what a brilliant mind you have? You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. (except play on the computer, watch t.v, play on the x-box, go outside, or talk on the phone) NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AT THE TABLE AND DO IT. DO ALL OF IT!!!! I AM NOT PLAYING ANYMORE!!!!!
Everynight, doesnt he get tired of it? Doesnt he just want to see me smile? He negotiates like no one I have ever met. It hurts my head. I hate arguing with him. And if my blood pressure soars beyond its normal limits and I have a stroke and die, I hope someday he will look back and realize, I did it all for his own good, because I know he has the potential to do monumental things with his brain, because I believe in his abilities and know him better than anyone, and will not accept anything less from him. I love him more than words can ever convey.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When there is conflict, I cannot sleep, I cannot stop re-playing the words last exchanged during extreme frustration, I cannot eat, food doesnt taste good. My mind is exhausted, I feel like I just ran a marathon. I always aim to be polite, calm, not to overeact. Easier said than done. When will I ever learn? I swear there is an art form to knowing just when to shut the fuck up....

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. Santa Monica Blvd and Van Ness, next to Paramount Studios. It exudes old Hollywood when you pass the gates. Breathtakingly peaceful, ancient trees hovering all the pathways, cool breezes and beatiful views from every angle. Pure zen. It far exceeded my expectations. My first Day Of The Dead celebration was with 2 of my favorite people. Nick and Tom. They made it so much better, we topped it off with a trip to Canters. Cant go to Hollywood and not stop at Canters. I cant wait to go back next year.