Thursday, December 23, 2010

My birthday wish

I was in search for a ghillie suit for Nick ( its a weird thing you can wear when in the military or in his case paintballing) up in 29 Palms. It was such a beautiful drive, and I took this shot and was in awe of the clouds and the trees and all the beauty along the way... But I heard about this a while ago and decided to see how far away from 29 Palms it was. Turns out, its not far at all and my birthday is coming up and I WANT A SOUND BATH!!!!!! So theres my birthday wish (hint hint Tom)
Oh and btw, no ghillie suit at the 29 Palms military surplus, only the netting to make one. So in the next 24 hours I will be attempting to make one for Nick before Xmas, nothing like waiting til the last minute.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When it rains it pours

In a nutshell, I got a new close up camera lens from Tom and I love it!!!!! My car window wont go up which sucks when its pouring rain, also the heater wont turn off.  I took a class and its over and the kids are out of school for the next 2 weeks leaving us plenty of time to relax a little. I baked low-fat gluten free, organic, fair trade cookies for Steveos 9th birthday and I was told they were actually yummy. Now that I have more time, I can finally read my new book on Anthrax vaccines being tested on the military, maybe perhaps Tom might want to read it when Im finished. I cant wait for Nick and Steveo to open there xmas presents, I almost want them to open them early, but I will wait.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Barbie and Ken

Being the thrifty bitch that I am, I purchased a Barbie book written in 1964. It was worth the 2 bucks. Heres a little snippet.

"Barbie didn't know whether to be glad or sorry when Ken was offered an exciting job that would take him to a distant city. Ken couldn't make up his mind, either...until another girl tried to do it for him!"
Oh shit. Some whore is moving in on Barbie's man. That's okay Ken was most likely using Barbie as his "beard" anyway. And she doesn't seem to bright, so she probably wouldn't have a clue about this other "girl" if were happening right in front of her.
I cant believe my mom bought me Barbies. What kind of message does that send to a half Mexican brown haired brown eyed girl with curly hair? I did learn how to cut hair on my Barbies though, most of them had a stylish mullet or butch haircut, so I guess they weren't a complete waste of my moms money.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Creative ADHD, Eco-friendly Xmas, and trying to be kind

This year, I will make a statement to the few people I will give gifts to, by using recycled materials only.
I found cool vintage postcards at a thrift store, made a frame with markers and then framed the frame with the picture. Make sense? Hard to explain see the picture.
I want to learn to sew. I will be a sewing fool when I do learn, and everyone can look forward to receiving something hand made for birthday gifts.
I have been fighting off a sore throat with Yerba Mate tea with milk and honey, so yummy, but the sore throat is still here.
I have had this little santa since I was a little girl, it was my moms when she was little too. Steveo says he's creepy with a sinister grin. Silly boy.
I am trying to be nice when snowbirds drive to slow, patient when Steveo talks a mile a minute, and truthful with my feelings while communicating with someone that hurt my feelings by not showing up to my wedding because she had to "work" only to see her facebook post about how she went to the movies and had a blast, and keeps calling because she wants me to attend HER wedding to photograph it. Childish, I know. I just have a habit of not speaking up and letting people walk all over me, not to say that's what this person is doing, I just think she has a tendency to be selfish at times, and with school, xmas, recovering from my wedding/honeymoon/thanksgiving/still havent taken the lanterns down from the wedding reception, and my entire family having birthdays this month, my time is valuable and I wish to spend it with those that deserve it.
Okay, that's all I have time for at the moment, I'm looking forward to the new year with new goals and surrounding myself with loved ones.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The evolution of Steph

Last post on getting married, I swear. So maybe I should have waited until I was in my thirties to get married (originally) Well, let me clarify. I married Sam (god rest his soul) when I was 22, and it really was til death do us part. But I'll be honest, I was not very mature back then, and I didn't really have any coping skills to get through life. Up until the last few years I had this unrealistic idea of what getting married was about. I always figured that all the negative things will somehow change for the better when you get married and if not you leave. Stupid. I know.Thankfully now I have a more realistic grasp on "marriage"  It really is a piece of paper and a name change, and usually bumps you up into a higher tax bracket, which usually doesn't come out in your favor but I wont go into that. The commitment comes long before the ring. The decision to coexist side by side along and not against each other when life gets rough says more to me than any piece of paper. The idea that he loves and respects me and my children and shows it on a daily basis is enough to sustain me and make me want to be a better person for him. He is enough to full fill me in anyway imaginable, and that speaks volumes. So yes, the ring is shiny and nice, and getting dolled up in a white dress was exciting to, but my definition of marriage is so completely different now than it was years ago. I feel in my heart and soul that we have already been married for years and I guess that's a good sign.

I have no regrets from the past because EVERYONE has left an imprint on me in some way or another which led me to where I am now. Long story short. Marriage = The evolution of Steph.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last day of Maui

looks calm...

Im home now. I will go over what I have learned from this trip to paradise.
1. Just because you can snorkel in a pool, does not mean you can snorkel anywhere else. (the water may look calm, but its different when you actually get in)
2. There are no lifeguards in Maui.
3. Do not panic.
4. You can swallow a pound of the Pacific ocean and still be okay. (don't panic)
5. The rocks are slippery, don't try to look graceful, just crawl up the rocks like a pathetic crab, it's not like you are going to see those people again anyway. (Tom)
6. When you try to be a bad ass and walk up the slippery rocks while exiting the ocean, you will fall. (Tom)
7. The E.R does not accept out of state insurance. (was it worth it Tom?)
8. Long plane rides home with a back injury sucks, be sure to pop those Vicodin.
9. You are not supposed to wear sunblock in the clean Maui water, hope the locals didn't notice the cloud of sunblock swarming around me in the water.
10. Bugs spray!!!!!!!!!!! Is a must have item there.

I was so sad to leave. I'm grateful Tom hurt his back at the end of the trip, and we saw a lot up until that moment. We are home, no more wedding stress. What am I going to obsess about now? Maybe now I can start planning our next trip back, with the boys this time. I know they would have a blast.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alone and exploring Maui

I wandered off but not to far. I saw the largest Buddha in the U.S. Then went to the end of the road down to the water. I had my headphones on and listened to relaxing music while people watching. Oh and dog watching. These two little boys were having so much fun in the waves. I had to stop my music, I'd much rather listen to the giggling of little boys than my music. It made me miss my boys. Then came the dogs, running in and out of the water, so happy, so content. I made myself at home in there world today. There is such good energy here. I really needed to just lay in the warm sand and breathe and soothe my soul.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The road to Hana

It was breezy, beautiful, worth the 5 hour drive. It was so beautiful. On the way up we pulled into "The Garden of Eden" it had bamboo trees, banana trees, tons of flowers, and.......
PEACOCKS!!!!! I fed one some of my trail mix. They are such amazing creatures, so vibrant, and they werent afraid of me, in fact, one of them followed me around a little. I think it wanted to come home with me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

honeymoon paradise

Some people like romantic walks on the beach, surfing, going on a cruise when they are in Maui, but not us. We fed goats. So this goes to show what a dumb city girl I am, the lady at "The surfing goat" (a place to feed goats, buy goat cheese, take a tour) told me its $1 dollar a bag to feed the goats. So I bought 3 bags, and the lady pointed to an enclosure and rudely ( she acted like Tom and I were bothering her) said there are 2 kids over there. So Im thinking.... Okay so those 2 kids are going to bring the baby goats out to us or what? Then I read on the sign about how 2 new kids were born in May and realized they WERE the goats. So, cant we just call them baby goats since, you know, they are babies?  Anyway, they were adorable, and the goat farm made me want to take all of them home. I will post more pics as we explore more of Maui.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Candy Buffet

I have learned a lot about modern weddings. I have been on every wedding blog, bought all the latest bridal mags, and just knew I had to have a candy buffet. Its the latest thing. So I picked candy in our wedding colors, which went from red to pink then back to red then pink, black, brown, and white. Anyway, today I layed it all out on the table and I love it.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hours and hours and hours

That's how long I could sit and talk to my friend Jeff. It's been 15 years but finally we got to sit and chat, fill in the empty spaces, and still leave each other as if no time has ever past us by. He's one of those rare finds where you can swap insights, learn, and feel completely at ease. The kind of friendship that lasts and lasts. We lost touch after high school and then I spent the last few years searching for him. He was a very hard person to find. He, like me, believes that your thoughts are like energy that you send out and if you think hard enough about it you bring it to fruition. That's exactly what happened with him. All of a sudden he finally appeared.  He is happy, he is in love, he is focused on the future and doing well. I had a blast chatting with him, seeing his dreadlocks that he has been growing for 15 years (down to his ankles) and hope we can connect more often. Definitely not wait another 15 years.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Dia De Los Muertos

Charlie cuddled with me today:)

Hello Ninja.

Oh Hello again badass Ninja putting on a light show for me.

Hello Sam. Long story, but this is my Urn that I made for him. Creepy I know, but I like creepy.

Everything looks better in candlelight. It calms my nerves too.

Happy Dia De Los Muertos!!!

My mind has been consumed by all things wedding and honeymoon. I wanted to go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery but have been to busy with wedding stuff. Maybe next year.

Friday, October 22, 2010

seasons changing

My favorite time of year, the seasons change, I can finally tolerate my backyard. Soon this yard will be filled with candles, and lanterns, food, wine, and all our friends and family. We will celebrate the continuation of our lives together. Nothing changes except the name, and then we will fly to Maui. I hear its beautiful and it smells like flowers. Nothing like escaping the desert and putting any stresses aside. A temporary bliss. Running away is what Im good at, this time I will have my guy with me and I cant wait to get there and lay on him while the wind makes me dizzy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding stress

So much for keeping it simple. I remember telling Tom the wedding is about our families merging and we should try to not get carried away with it. I let the stress build this week. Ive been obsessing about every detail, trying to control everything and make it perfect. This whole wedding has consumed to many of my thoughts and I'm about done with it all. Today I realized I have morphed into the one thing I hoped to avoid. I have become a moody bridezilla, and took my stress out on the one person who is on my side, the one who always has my back, my bff, Tom. I was wrong, and now I'm feeling the effects of my guilty conscience. So I emailed this pic to him knowing he cant possibly be upset while looking at Chance. So maybe my communication skills need some improving, but at least this was an eye opener and taught me to stay in the present.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The softer side of Tom

He says I spoil Chance, but it seems to me, Chance has him wrapped around his little paw.

On a different note, I hate to judge but the Taco Bell dog could not act. Chance on the other hand has range. You can pull out any emotion you want from him. He is smarter, cuter, and better than Mr  Taco Bell dog, Period.