Thursday, December 23, 2010

My birthday wish

I was in search for a ghillie suit for Nick ( its a weird thing you can wear when in the military or in his case paintballing) up in 29 Palms. It was such a beautiful drive, and I took this shot and was in awe of the clouds and the trees and all the beauty along the way... But I heard about this a while ago and decided to see how far away from 29 Palms it was. Turns out, its not far at all and my birthday is coming up and I WANT A SOUND BATH!!!!!! So theres my birthday wish (hint hint Tom)
Oh and btw, no ghillie suit at the 29 Palms military surplus, only the netting to make one. So in the next 24 hours I will be attempting to make one for Nick before Xmas, nothing like waiting til the last minute.


amy said...

Did you make the suit? Are you going to the place? Never knew that existed...interesting.

Steph said...

No but I have military netting stuff if you ever need some.