Saturday, February 28, 2009

I found my purpose in life

To assist the octomom. I sent her an email via Dr Phil who by the way is looking for pediatric nurses willing to volunteer there time, that live near Whittier. Okay, so its a 2 hour drive, but how cool would that be? I hope to hear back, because I am just the gal.
Today, Steveo and I went to a birthday party and after he went to grandmas house along with Nick. Now Im home all by my lonesome, just me and Toms dads dogs. Pearl is a beautiful great dane, who takes massive mountain size craps in the yard. Im thinking Pearl and I need to take a walk tonight around midnight to my annoying neighbors house. You know the one, the racist, bible thumper with the really nice green lawn. I will be so proud if I can get Pearl to take a huge dump on his lawn. I know, too much time on my hands. Tom needs to get back here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Unemployment is making me fat part 2

It really doesnt do much for your ego when you have no job. In a way, Im free, no obligation, no schedule to check, no bedtime, I am free to roam. However, I have not received a check from unemployment yet, and I need money like a crackwhore needs a fix. So no travel plans for me as of yet. So this is the latest. Tom took a week off to spend with us, only his dear friend passed away and he's gone to Arizona for the funeral. I miss him terribly. I am used to his presence and when he leaves, it just fucks with my head, plain and simple. I go through a mini bout of depression and then Im fine.

Someone (I have an idea of who) taped a letter to our door in the middle of the night complaining about our lawn, and how shitty our house looks since we moved in. I suspect this may be from the same neighbor that approached me by introducing himself and then going on a long diatribe about how the mexicans are taking over the neighborhood and how he cant stand it when people live in sin, then asked if Tom and I were married or not. Asshole, I know. So this really infuriated me. I even lost sleep over it. I really want to have a party. North Indio old school style. I want mexicans, banda music, lawn chairs in the front with a never ending supply of beer. I want to annoy the hell out of him. I want pink flamingos all over, and garden Knomes too. Maybe I can hang a few pinatas from the tree. And just to kick it up a notch, some lesbians making out, and rainbow flags, lots of them. Maybe thats what I'll do with my first check.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I specifically asked Nicks pediatrician to NOT put him on a stimulant. So after trying the only non-stimulant med (Strattera) it worked for like 5 minutes then he started suffering from headaches, nausea, and lost 4 pounds. So Dr. A. suggested a new med. He says that although it is a stimulant, it metabolizes differently than all the others so it doesnt FEEL like a stimulant. We will see about that, I popped 2 and am waiting to either stare at the t.v like a zombie or clean my house, my car, and go for a quick jog around the block. HAAAA. I just thought of something. They have people that get paid to try out different products and write there opinions about them... So I should get paid to pop pills and write my opinion about them. I will get a paycheck, the pharmaceutical companies will have a real live guinea pig willing to try anything. That makes all parties involved winners.

Unemployment is making me fat

It has nothing to do with the gallons of Bubblegum ice cream I eat after I drop the kids off to school. And it has nothing to do with the Mochafrappacino I drink on the way to dropping them off to school. And Im sure the fact that I am on a 2 nap schedule (one at around 10, then 2) is not the reason I have NO energy. Its just I really have nothing else to do. Its not like I have any money to actually go do something. My day just consists of watching crummy reality t.v, and snuggling with Charlie the bi-polar wonder dog. Thank god I have internet access, I dont know what I would do without that. Maybe I'll go join a cult or be a Scientologist. I know, same difference.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ben the pharmacy tech with a personality.
Dr Gopez, me, Dr Carino, the sweetest dr's. Analisa, made me laugh non-stop. She made work fly by.

John The R.T that never smiles.

Delia (I will miss the most) me, Sexy Lilia, Mariel (the always helpful post partum nurse)

Tess, Delia, Edith, Me, Lissa, Mariel

Edith and Lissa (favorite night nurse)

I learned something from all these nurses. I will miss them. But today while I was saying my goodbyes to my co-workers, Tom was saying his goodbye to a very close family friend battling cancer. She is going home to be with her family, and there is no treatment that can be done at this point. I feel for Tom. I just want to hug him and hold onto him tight. As hard as it was to say goodbye tonight to my fellow nurses, its nothing compared to saying goodbye forever.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heres the plan

Tomorrow is the last day at JFK hospital. I have to say, when Im not on panic mode, I feel pretty good. I have the freedom to stay up late, take naps, do homework with the boys, get in my car and drive... So I think im going to drive up North. I want to see Redwood trees. Maybe I'll even hug one. I also want my boys with me. I have no problem pulling them out of school for a few days, and lets be honest, neither will the boys. Who knows where we will end up, and when we will come back. These are the adventures that make life worth living. This is what I always envisioned life with children would be like anyway. So heres to new beginnings!!!! And a new hair do.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple

I enjoyed the rain, and cold cold windy air. Met Mae, a very kind volunteer. She showed me around, gave me tea, told me that classes are on Sundays right before meditation for beginners. Sounds about right. This may just be what is missing in my life right now. I need direction, and something to look forward to. I need a positive outlet and Buddhism has always appealed to me. Its worth the 2 hour drive.

Friday, February 06, 2009

And..... Im off!!!!

Im ditching work today, (hey they ditched me first) My last day is officially Feb 12th. Im sad when I go to work. Im sick of so many people asking me what Im going to do next. I have no idea. I sent my resume out to a few places but my heart is not into it. I was perfectly comfortable there. They are my second family. I learned so much from them. Even just typing this makes me teary eyed.
So today, Im off to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights. I first went there with Julie and Tom and fell in love with it. It is easily one of the most beautiful peaceful places Ive been. Today its just me, my camera, and an ecclectic mixture of such fine muscians as Elliott Smith, The Butthole Surfers, Cypress Hill, and Team Sleep. I hope to be able to sit and think and focus and feel the moment. Without any distractions, and what better place to do this.
Peace, Love, and Buddha.