Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enjoying the scenery

A couple of weeks ago we walked downtown with Bellula and of course I took my camera and snapped away. My favorite sighting was the Cherry Blossoms. I will always have a love of cherry blossoms, they were the theme of my wedding.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I love u because...
you are like a zen monk
you have a powerful voice
you Are strength, and courage
you say what you mean
and always mean what you say
you are wise, but not arrogant
you love the strays I bring home
you took me to Maui (and didnt leave me there)
you are a protector
you are sarcastic, witty, and charming
when you smile it is genuine and sweet
you restored my faith in humanity,
allowed me to drop my armor and trust again
you made our house a home,
I love you more and more everyday Tom.
you love my teenage son,
and always have encouraging words for him
when I see you with Steveo
you are completely present and always kind.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet husband!!
Love and more,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Enjoy the silence

While everyone was still sleeping and the sun was just coming up, I enjoyed my morning ritual of Starbucks and reading the paper while parked on the side of the street. I drove a tiny bit further down the road this time. I wanted to explore the scenery. I didn't just want to sit in my car. At the end of Dana Point and the beginning of Laguna Beach is a pathway that over looks the ocean. The path includes signs indicating what plant life is around, and every so often, as you travel further down, there is a bench. I sat on the one half way down freezing, but wasn't ready to leave. I just sat. How often do we stop and listen to the sounds of nature around us? When do you just sit still, and slow down, and take in all of the surroundings. I felt the breeze and heard the crash of the waves in the distance. I noticed birds chirping, and just sat. Maybe this is why people like to go camping. I sat for an hour and took it all in, and savored each minute. This must be what the Buddhists call "living mindfully" I wasn't thinking about later on, or work, or money (or lack thereof) I was just sitting still, in the moment. What a beautiful world we live in.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Photos of random objects in the yard.

The weather is so perfect. I put the bird houses Steveo and I painted to dry in the back yard. I thought the lighting and random objects would make interesting photos. I had 2 hours before Steveo would be home from school. I put on my head phones and grabbed my camera and took advantage of my alone time. The dogs tagged along and followed my every move.
Most of my paint is at the desert house, so Steveo and I used what we had.
He went for a Spanish style. He is learning about Spanish architecture and California history in school.