Sunday, January 15, 2012


I love u because...
you are like a zen monk
you have a powerful voice
you Are strength, and courage
you say what you mean
and always mean what you say
you are wise, but not arrogant
you love the strays I bring home
you took me to Maui (and didnt leave me there)
you are a protector
you are sarcastic, witty, and charming
when you smile it is genuine and sweet
you restored my faith in humanity,
allowed me to drop my armor and trust again
you made our house a home,
I love you more and more everyday Tom.
you love my teenage son,
and always have encouraging words for him
when I see you with Steveo
you are completely present and always kind.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet husband!!
Love and more,


Poppy Lee Jones said...

wow this is beautiful! xx

1lilviolet said...

what beautiful photo and words......