Saturday, April 30, 2011


Enjoying the simple things, a much needed break from the long weekdays away from Tom.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy One year Chance

Carson playing music
He brings everyone such happiness.

He now has a cozy car seat.

My sunshine

My other sunshine

Steveo and Jacob, loading the nerf ammo.

The Fields

Playing in his club house

So last year during Coachella Fest we found Chance (A.K.A Sewer-Rat)  on my parents street. Alone, dirty, and eating trash. We took him in and he has given us happiness ever since.  Last Tuesday he gave us a scare. He jumped out of the window while I was driving (thankfully I was only going about 10MPH) long story short, I rushed him to the vet and with a little TLC he is back to normal, and now has a car seat. I would  never have imagined buying a car seat for a dog, but he is much to precious to me and I need him to be safe.

Last night we had our favorite people over for dinner and had fun watching the kids play in the back yard. They had Nerf fights, played crochet, drew with paint and chalk, carved soap, and ran with the dogs. I know its only a matter of weeks before it will be to hot to play outside. I dread the summers here. Every year I fantasize about packing up my car and leaving to go north. If I could spend summers in San Fransisco, or Portland, I would never be inside. In the real world, I cant just leave, so for now I will enjoy the cool nights we have left and make the most of our weekends by driving to the beach as much as possible.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dana Point

LA Museum (so much more pics to come)

So many paths for riding bikes.

Beautiful trees.

Yesterday, me and Tom drove up to L.A and met Steveos class at the LA Science and Natural History Museum. I have a million pics to post on yesterday alone. (maybe next post)  Last night we stayed in San Clemente at Toms dads house and then took our bikes out to Dana Point today. It was cold and over cast (my favorite) we got a couple of seashells, saw hermit crabs, and rode around and enjoyed the scenery. The pictures sum up our perfect day.