Monday, November 22, 2010

Last day of Maui

looks calm...

Im home now. I will go over what I have learned from this trip to paradise.
1. Just because you can snorkel in a pool, does not mean you can snorkel anywhere else. (the water may look calm, but its different when you actually get in)
2. There are no lifeguards in Maui.
3. Do not panic.
4. You can swallow a pound of the Pacific ocean and still be okay. (don't panic)
5. The rocks are slippery, don't try to look graceful, just crawl up the rocks like a pathetic crab, it's not like you are going to see those people again anyway. (Tom)
6. When you try to be a bad ass and walk up the slippery rocks while exiting the ocean, you will fall. (Tom)
7. The E.R does not accept out of state insurance. (was it worth it Tom?)
8. Long plane rides home with a back injury sucks, be sure to pop those Vicodin.
9. You are not supposed to wear sunblock in the clean Maui water, hope the locals didn't notice the cloud of sunblock swarming around me in the water.
10. Bugs spray!!!!!!!!!!! Is a must have item there.

I was so sad to leave. I'm grateful Tom hurt his back at the end of the trip, and we saw a lot up until that moment. We are home, no more wedding stress. What am I going to obsess about now? Maybe now I can start planning our next trip back, with the boys this time. I know they would have a blast.

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amy said...

how long is that incubation period again?

these pictures are amazing!