Tuesday, November 16, 2010

honeymoon paradise

Some people like romantic walks on the beach, surfing, going on a cruise when they are in Maui, but not us. We fed goats. So this goes to show what a dumb city girl I am, the lady at "The surfing goat" (a place to feed goats, buy goat cheese, take a tour) told me its $1 dollar a bag to feed the goats. So I bought 3 bags, and the lady pointed to an enclosure and rudely ( she acted like Tom and I were bothering her) said there are 2 kids over there. So Im thinking.... Okay so those 2 kids are going to bring the baby goats out to us or what? Then I read on the sign about how 2 new kids were born in May and realized they WERE the goats. So, cant we just call them baby goats since, you know, they are babies?  Anyway, they were adorable, and the goat farm made me want to take all of them home. I will post more pics as we explore more of Maui.

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amy said...

For some reason I have the urge to say "whatever feeds your goat"...you know, remember that stupid "floats your boat" saying...sorry I'm stuck at work and my mind is fried.