Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family Bonding/ Moments of gratitude

So after reading "The Secret" I decided to start a gratitude journal with the boys. Tonight before there bedtime, we started it.
Nick is grateful for: 1.) For going to the doctor and getting a diagnosis today (ear infection).
2.) For Steve-o also seeing the doctor and getting a diagnosis as well (bronchitis).
3.) Being able to relax and play video games.
4.) Charlie his dog is healthy and alive.
Steve-o is grateful for: (In his own words)
1.) " I never died"
2.) " Its almost September, and I can be in kindergarten".
3.) "I will see myself get better".

Im so proud of them. I am grateful they are healthy boys, I have a boyfriend that is my best friend and treats me like a princess, and my Volkswagon Beetle. (The funnest car to drive) Oh also air conditioning. I remember being pregnant with Nick in the summertime with my little Honda Accord with no air conditioning. It is a luxury I will never take for granted.

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