Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beauty beyond words.

I originally couldnt wait to get to Berkeley. Day one, we stopped in Carpenteria. The next morning we arrived at the most amazing park in Solvang. Nojoqui Falls Park. We saw a deer, there were trees waiting for the boys to climb, and a path that led up to a 164 ft waterfall. It was heaven on earth, and I am so excited I got to share the experience with my sons. They made the trip difficult at times, and other times I felt like I was seeing the world through a childs eyes. They taught me to take my time, be patient, and enjoy the moment.


Amy said...

You have a beautiful blog! Reading some of your words gave me goosebumps, you speak from the heart :) Lovely photos too!

steph said...

Thank you, I try, and Im really getting into the photography thing.