Monday, March 22, 2010

Charlie the bi-polar dog, Nick, my Zen bedroom got more Zenny

Charlie... Who knew giving your dog people food would eventually lead to Canine Pancreatitis? So of course I had to take him to the vet when he wouldnt come with me to Starbucks like he usually does. I knew from that moment, something was very wrong with Charlie. He LOVES to go for car rides, and so I went alone to get my mochafrappacino and then surfed the internet to see what he may have had. Going on Google to try to diagnose your dog will almost always cause a panic attack. There were a million things it could have been and not one of them was good. When I took Charlie to the vet he: 1.) Tryed to bite the vet (he was a bit arrogant anyway)
2.) Pooped on the thermometer. 3.) Was led out the door in a muzzle they called "the party hat" to do labs, xrays, collect a urine specimen (via catheterization) and start IV fluids. It happened so fast, in an instant I was holding Charlie trying to calm his nerves all the while mine were shot, and next thing you know, the vet is barking (hee hee no pun intended) out orders to the vet tech, and Im left wondering if he's going to make it and also very selfishly wondering just how much all this is gonna cost me. Long story short. Diagnosis- Pancreatitis. Prognosis- good. Oh and the cost was a lot, but of course worth every penny for my Charlie. So after bringing him back home, he was weak and not himself for a few days, but now he's back to his normal grumpy self.
Onto Nick. Nick is now 2 inches taller than me. Everyday I see the changes in not only his appearance but his voice as well, oh and his sarcasm level has increased a bit. I was explaining our new alarm system for the house and he told me that "people will break in whether we have an alarm or not, so all this is a big waste of money and giving me a false sense of security" Yep, thats my Nick.
On Sunday I decided I wanted a Burnt Orange accent wall in the bedroom, so I went to Home Depot and bought a gallon of paint, and now have a Burnt Orange accent wall in my bedroom. I love how it enhanced the Zenniness (thats my new word) of the room.

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amy said...

Charlie and Atty will always have their hospital bond. Glad he's back to growling.

Nick...yeah, love him and his sarcastic self. He is kinda right though.

Good idea on the room it looks awesome, can't wait to see it in person.