Saturday, July 09, 2011

Roadtripping to Colorado

Last time I took the boys to Colorado, Steveo was 2 and Nick was 8. What a difference a few years make. Steveo appreciated the sights a little more than Nick. We stopped a few times in Arizona. First, Lake Havasu to see the London Bridge. (waste of gas) it was so small compared to the image I had in my mind, oh well. Then we stopped at a motel on Route 66. I loved it! The boys wanted 5 star hotels, I told them we are traveling hippie style and on a strict budget. We left our Motel early and headed to Pagosa Springs Colorado. I will never tire of the vastness of the greenery, and the fresh air. I am surrounded by beauty and cant wait to explore some more tomorrow.

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amy said...

I wish I would have gone!