Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Being needed.

My son is brave. Always has been. He underwent a long surgery to correct his scoliosis and came out of it pretty unfazed and 2 inches taller. I took time off from work, prepared myself as best as I could. I knew that kids healed quickly, and that the surgery is pretty common but I honestly felt, for such a long time like I couldn't breathe until it was over. Sometimes I cant shut my mind off, as a result I don''t sleep, don't eat, and my thoughts become scattered. Thank god I had help.
I am so grateful for the nurses, his doctor, and my family for helping me to deal with the stress. What would I do without my parents and husband? Nick is walking, healing, doing just fine. It felt good to feel needed by him again. He may be 16 but he will always be my Nicolopogus.

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jane said...

Two Thumbs up for your son! I hope he's okay now!